Thursday, June 8, 2017

Everyone Has A Need You Can Help Them Meet

We do our best to help supply some of the articles that men and women will need while they are going through drug and alcohol treatment programs. It is never easy to meet all the needs and we never seem to have enough of anything on-hand to reach out to everyone in the center. Still, we do our best and with your help, we do an even better job than when we are on our own. Here is a simple list of things that the interns need for the time period they are in treatment. First things, First: Bible and study helps in Spanish! comfortable shows and flip-flops, tennis for sports activities depending on the dress-code, shirts, pants, socks and underware, a jacket, gloves and warm head-gear a bathing suit: a one piece is usually required for women, trunks for men a bath robe a belt perhaps, slippers Again, the rules and regulations of each center might have a say in what to bring as far as hygiene supplies go. deodorant toothbrush and toothpaste shampoo and/or conditioner hair styling products, pump hair spray only! comb/brush feminine hygiene products shaving cream lotion sunscreen makeup When you come to visit with us at the rancho in San Vicente and you will be going out to visit rehabilitation centers, these things are of great importance and always a valuable gift that the men and women need to live somewhat normal lives while they are in treatment. Your prayerful consideration and attention to this list is a real blessing. As God guides you, you can actually place these items in the hands of those that need them. God Bless You All. Matthew 6:13, "And lead us not into temptation,but deliver us from the evil one."